"The History of Lisa"

The History of

We, the film crew , who prepared the
project of the film
The History of

the producer of the company
Trueman Production
and the producer of the film company
International Film Company
Ananda Films


call upon the whole world community to
support our project of creating a film on the
actual problem of coexistence of the ordinary people and
people with Down syndrome.

With a huge amount of the global problems there is no more important thing than a person in the
Moreover an unusual person, who is unlike us but who has a right to exist.
The subject of our film was not chosen by chance.

After all, it is much more difficult to live for the people with Down syndrome than
for the ordinary ones.

They are very vulnerable.
They need our understanding and love.
But love, that acts.
While they are studying, there is development.
When they stop, there is degradation.
It is important for them to be in society.
They are called "the alternatively gifted" in the West.
Also they are called "the sunny children", because they are smiling, affable and friendly.
The most important problem of these children is to entry into our society.
They really need our help.
Today the Down syndrome occurs in one of 600-1000 newborns.
The director and scriptwriter of the film, who is a famous writer Zhovna, has been professionally
working with these children as a teacher for over 30 years. So he knows the problem from within.
This accumulated experience got him thinking about the idea of creating a film about "the children
of the sun", who have a right for a full sunny life.
These children will play in the film alongside the professional actors.
We want to draw attention of all those who are not indifferent but opened to the world, who want
to support our project and can take over sponsorship of the creating our film.
This film is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine with a budget of 50% of the cost.
We encourage all those who are not indifferent to this problem to respond and take part in our
A never fading smile on the faces of the sunny children depends on us .


12 2017. 11 2017